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Greetings to all through our Lord Jesus Christ, God is Good All the Time and All the Time God Is Good and That Is His Nature.

The following is a list of events of phase seven of term four, year 2022, having taken the hand of GOD and commitment from each and every member of The Call of Molo, the events are as follows:


Follow ups for the pupils (students) under the feeding program were continuously carried out to ensure they are safe at home and value addition is achieved as they are reminded to study often and to assist the parents with light house works this way, we hope for them to grow all round become dependable and responsible citizens in future.

The rescue center program continues to run steady with our 10 children doing better every


The children are doing well health wise and are happy to be part of The Call of Molo. Currently they are on holiday that will run for seven weeks (from 4th March to 25th April 2022). We shall allow them one day to visit their guardians.

We received food donations: one sack 90 kgs maize (corn), two sacks of clothes and a lovely bunny named ‘Blessing’.


Zawadi the cow produces a maximum of 5 liters of milk every morning and 4 liters in the evening. Of the milk produced 1 1⁄2 liters per day is used for the kids at the rescue center and for staff teatime break, and the rest is taken to the Kenya Cooperative Creameries.

Zawadi the cow is in good health and pregnant with its second calf and and so is Baraka the calf who has continued growing wonderfully and healthy.

The cows are feeding on solid foods and supplements such as Napier grass, molasses, Hay, Grass and taking water. Zawadi continues to blossom and is under keen observation.

The garden has been planted beans, Cabbages, spinach, potatoes and leaf onions which are assisting in the feeding program on daily basis.

The chicken provides eggs for the children in the rescue center. Presently two of them already hatched and has 17 chicks in total.


We recommend a perimeter wall to be erected on the left side of the house. This is because the neighbors have already put-up rental houses. We also recommend having solar security lights. This is to cut cost of electricity and also to cater for frequent outages.


Much appreciation goes to C.O.M. family for the continued support: starting with our Visionary/Director Zippie Irari, The Board of Directors in U.S.A. and Germany, The Advisory Board Kenya and the staff. May God bless you.

From the above information it’s clear that we are still on the right path and will achieve more

with GOD on our side. Cecilia Muraya


Call Of Molo
Senior Social Worker

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