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     The Call of Molo Organization is divided into two parts; first the ‘Upendo wa Molo’ (The Love of Molo) Childrens Home and second, The Call of Molo Soup Kitchen.


     My name is Zipporah  Irari, I was born and raised in Molo Kenya. Upon completion of high school in 2000 I had a vision and a passion to open doors and welcome the homeless kids on the Molo Street in 2001. I would cook a meal and when I go to the Molo town on a daily basis for my errands, I would stop and talk to this rather ignored, abused and looked down upon kids and would invite them to my parents’ house for dinner.

     Once they came over, I would pack up some more food to go and give them clothes we had outgrown from our childhood. I always prayed to God that one day I would be able to open up a place called ‘home’ to house my new found family. I kept promising myself that one day when I am in a better place financially I would be able to bring this to pass through God’s grace.

     However, God’s plans are not our plans, and if I waited to be financially stable, this would take forever. But one can start from nowhere and with nothing or something little to get somewhere.

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    Through my personal life struggles since childhood, I have seen the hand of the Lord. I accepted Christ as my savior in 1996 while in grade 8 (class 8). God has been faithful to provide to me through thick and thin. When I came to the United States of America, my hunger for the Lord kept me in need to search for Him, I enrolled myself with non-denominational Pentecostal churches and my faith in God grew.

     My vision at this time was fading away because I was trying to settle into a new country, and I was thinking to myself that, this will never happen. My biggest question and worry was, how will this vision ever take place? The passion was still there and I really wanted, through Gods help, to bring this orphanage to fruition.  While thinking and getting stressed about never to get the opportunity to fulfill my vision. I still felt called to Molo in one way or another. I felt I really needed to provide for the Molo residents.

But one can start nowhere and with nothing or something little to get somewhere.


     Another vision that struck me was a ‘food program’ and I thought to myself, this would not require much to set one up and run it. One thing led to another and the church  I was going to at the time in North Reading Massachusetts used to do missions trips to south America every year. I always thought, I could re-route them to go to Kenya and this will open the doors of my home town to be blessed. I never had the chance to do this, but God had other plans for me.

     In November 2012 I moved to Westfield Massachusetts. After a brief search I was able to find New life Christian Center online in January 2013, it was a nice Wednesday evening and  I was done for the day and was in my pj’s. The spirit led me to change into my regular gear and go to that evening service. Reluctantly, I went and immediately, I was greeted with much love from this church, and I knew this was Gods will for me to have this be my home church.

     In March 2013, Brother Roger Cortis, revealed to Pastor Wayne, our senior pastor that now that I attend this church that we should go to Africa for a mission trip. It’s during this time of planning the missions’ trip that Pastor Wayne and Brother Roger enquired if there were any projects the church could help with in Africa. Immediately, even though with some hesitance, I shared how I had a vision to start an orphanage and a  feeding program (which I found out it’s called a soup kitchen here in the USA) in Molo. They both encouraged me to pursue the vision. In June 2014 our church had an opportunity to go to Molo Kenya, Africa for a missions trip. After we came back to the USA, a friend of mine and I started looking into this vision more closely and prayed over the projects' needs from start to finish.


     God specifically gave me a vision of where the land will be in Everbest, Molo, and of a one acre parcel of land for a million Kenyan shillings (12,000 USD). God used my father to find this land and bargain for the price we got it for. God is a good God, this land was under a family dispute but God opened doors and everything resolved and titles came out.

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Board of





Zipporah Irari Chairperson

     Am commonly known as Zippie. I accepted Christ as my personal savior at a young age. Am humbled to serve as the Visionary and Founder of Call of Molo. Am a Molo native, born and raised, moved to the USA in 2005, my calling to open a home and a feeding program for the orphaned and vulnerable children in Molo was placed in my heart in 2001.

     I love children and I have served in the Children – Girl’s Ministry in our church New Life Christian Center in Westfield, Massachusetts for many years. I also serve in the Missions Committee as the Secretary in our church. God has helped me initiate and manage faith-based mission’s trips to Molo, Kenya every 2 years on the even years.

     I am blessed with a career as a Registered Nurse and have worked in Healthcare for over 15 years. Currently I'm working in geriatrics and in a local Hospital in the Medical Surgical and Telemetry unit. My prayer is that God be glorified in this calling and ministry.

Zipporah Irari


Jason and Nicole Hoffman

Jason and Nicole Hoffman Treasurer
Jason and Nicole Hoffman have been married since 1997 and have three children named Elizabeth (age 20), Emily (age 12) and Ethan (age 10). Jason is an aircraft mechanic that works in Westfield. Jason volunteers at church as Royal Ranger commander for grades 3-5 boys, and he also serves as a deacon. He serves on the COM board. Nicole is a nurse in the Cardiac Cath Lab at a large hospital in Springfield, MA. Nicole volunteers in the nursery at church and is treasurer for the COM. Jason and Nicole enjoy camping, hikes, cooking food outdoors, and spending time with family. Both Jason and Nicole feel a burden for the cause of Molo and find it a joy and honor to volunteer their time to this ministry. It is their prayer that God ministers to the children of Molo, Kenya, through a filling meal and a safe place to stay. May every child hear and receive the message of Christ.

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Wanda Rodriguez

Wanda Rodriguez Secretary
     I Serve God in my home as a wife and Mother of four now adult Children, In my Church as Women's Ministry leader and Call of Molo(COM) secretary. I Find great joy in the service of others.
When I first heard about the Call of Molo vision I felt blessed to be a part of it.

     I have been with COM since the beginning and it has truly changed my life..
     It is my deepest desire to see as many children fed through the soup kitchen and sheltered through the COM home. My desire is to meet the Spiritual and physical needs of all who come in contact with COM. May God continue to pour out His blessing over the COM it is only through
The Love of Christ that we can extend our Love.
     Romans 8:31-32 “ What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare His own son but gave him up for us all, how will He not also with Him graciously give us all things"

Lynn Beaupre

     My first mission’s trip was to Guatemala on a medical mission’s trip. That was when I realized why God had placed me in my profession as a Pharmacist. Since then, I have made three missions’ trips to Molo Kenya.
Being on the call of Molo Board, I hope to bring some fresh ideas having been to Molo and seeing this orphanage from the ground up. I also served on the missions committee at New Life Christian Center which I miss since moving.

     God has moved my heart to step up and do my part since there was a need for board members. I pray God will use me to bring to mind things that are needed or have been overlooked. A new set of eyes.


Lynn Beaupre

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Fridah Hofmeister

     Everyone tells me that am a very private and quite person, aha...they are very right. I consider myself as a village girl who was born in a humble Christian family. My parents gave their best to see a family of five kids grow healthy, get a good education which is the best gift a parent can offer his/her kids.

     I grew up in Molo, also known as the tribal clash area. Am a Registered Nurse by profession and work in a Cerebrovascular (Stroke)department in a Faith based Hospital here in Germany. Am also a dedicated wife to my husband and a loving mother to one beautiful daughter who has a servant’s heart as well.

     My joy and happiness are to take the unfortunate kids within the Molo community and give them a place to live, eat, get clothed as they they call this their HOME, to me this is the best thing one can think of and putting a smile on the kids face.

     Am humbled to be part of Call Of Molo as a Board Member and am happy to see the kids we serve have an opportunity for a bright future to God be the glory.

Fridah Hofmeister

Rick and Nancy Tancrati

Nancy and Rick Tancrati,

      We live in Westfield Massachusetts USA. Rick is a retired teacher and Nancy is a nurse by profession. Rick has worked with troubled kids in summer camps like Royal Rangers.
     We are also involved in international organizations that help  widows  and an organization that helps albino people. We both have a passion for orphans and youth.  Hence God connected us with Zippie. 

Advisory Board Molo, Kenya

Ann M., Chairperson

Amos N. V. Chairperson

Pennina N., Treasurer
Lucy J., Secretary
David K. V. Secretary
Ann N. M.
Ezekiel K.

Margaret N.

Peter M. K.

Irari Mugo

Alice Irari

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