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Greetings to all in Christ our Lord’s Name,

The following is a list of events of phase six of term four-year

 2022, having taken the hand of GOD and cooperation from each and every member of The Call of Molo, the events are as follows:


Feeding program for our cherished pupils at Kambala, St. Mary’s and Moto primary were carried out diligently during this period whereby lunch was delivered at the respective schools on time. 

This program comprises of 68 children in total whereby, 17 are in Kambala, 22 in St Mary’s and 29 in Moto primary school. 

The pupils (students) have had their opening, midterm and end of term exams fee settled and to this we thank our heavenly Father for His providence.

Follow ups for the pupils under the feeding program were continuously carried out to ensure smooth learning and value addition for all the children through monitoring of their school attendance register.


 The rescue centre is running steady and has increased from 1 child to 10 children. David King’ori continues to do well at school and is expecting to improve to a much better position this term. The children are doing well health wise and are happy to be part of The Call of Molo.

We received food donations from New Life Revival Church Molo and from Madam Catherine who gave us clothes for the children. 


Zawadi (the cow) produces a maximum of 10 liters of milk a day but has reduced 8 liters due to the dry spell being experienced during this period.  The milk produced is equally shared and used for by the kids in the children’s rescue centre and for staff tea break which is 1 ½ liters per day while the rest is taken to the dairy every day. The cows are feeding on solid foods and supplements such as Napier grass, molasses, Hay, Grass and taking water. On 14/01/2022 Zawadi received an A.I. service that was successful and is under keen monitoring and observation.

The garden has been planted beans, Cabbages, spinach, potatoes and leaf onions which are assisting in the feeding program on daily basis.

The chicken provides eggs for the children in the rescue team and will provide chicken meat for them on special occasions. Presently two of them are brooding. 


From the above information it’s clear that we are still on the right path and will achieve more with GOD on our side.


We thank God for taking us this far and making our efforts valid, for instance children who are less fortunate have been able to be assisted in many possible ways and we appreciate and give thanks to almighty GOD for making everything possible.


Much appreciation goes to C.O.M. family for the continued support: starting with our Visionary/ Director Zippie Irari, The Board of Directors in U.S.A. and Germany, The Advisory Board Kenya, and the staff. May God bless you all.


Cecilia Muraya,

Senior Social Worker Call of Molo.

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