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Shalom to all in Christ our Lord’s Name,
The following is a list of events of phase four of term two, year 2021, having taken the power of GOD and cooperation from each and every member of Call Of Molo, the events are as follows:

Feeding program for children at Kambala, St. Mary’s and Moto primary we carried out diligently during the month where lunch for the children was delivered at the respective schools on time. This program comprises of 62 children in total where, 17 are in Kambala, 19 in St Mary’s and 27 in Moto primary school.
The pupils had their exams fees settled for the midterm exams which kicked off on November

19th, 2021 and December 10th 2021 respectively.
Follow up for the pupils (students) who had missed school was continuously carried out to find out the reasons preventing them from attending school. It was discovered that most of the children had fees arrears and were staying at home waiting for the parents/guardians to clear or reduce part of the fee balance.
The high school students were given Christmas present and were most thankful to the entire management of Call of Molo and most especially to the US/Germany Board.

We are excited to report that come January 2022 we will start receiving orphaned children from

the feeding program to reside in our home. David King’ori one of our pioneer kids in this home continues to do well at school and is expecting to improve to a much better position as he did in the midterm exams where he moved from last position to a better position we thank God for His grace upon David.

Zawadi the cow produces a maximum of 10 liters of milk a day and together with Baraka the calf, they are feeding on solid foods and supplements such as Napier grass, Hay, Grass as well as

taking water. On November 21st 2021 Zawadi received a second A.I. service and she failed to conceive again, the veterinary Doctor is working on Zawadit he cow to find a solution for this. The garden has been planted Peas, Cabbages, spinach and leaf onions which will help the feeding program on daily basis. There has been water shortage in the well; tanks and water spring near the Organization due to lack of rain. A chicken coop has been constructed and two Advisory Board members donated a few chickens so that we can start collecting eggs for the children in the home.

From the above information it’s evident that we are still on the right track and will achieve more with GOD on our side.

We thank God for taking us this far and making our efforts valid, for instance children who are less fortunate have been able to be assisted in many possible ways and we appreciate and give thanks to almighty GOD for making everything possible.


Much appreciation goes to C.O.M. family for the continued support: starting with our Visionary/ Director Zippie Irari, The Board of Directors in U.S.A. and Germany, The Advisory Board Molo,


Kenya, and the staff. May God bless you all exceedingly! Cecilia Muraya
Senior Social Worker.

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