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Small Beginnings with a Large Impact

     The Call of Molo was birthed in the heart of Zipporah Irari, a native to Molo, Kenya, who sought to bring the love of Christ to the children of her home town. For years, Molo has been a victim of tribal clashes which have brought poverty, death, and homelessness to many families, directly and indirectly.

     As a Christian based 501c3 non-profit organization, the Call of Molo is separated into two divisions.

           First, the ‘Upendo wa Molo’ (The Love of Molo) Children’s Home                Second The Call of Molo Soup Kitchen.

     These divisions provide a loving home and a nutritional diet for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Molo. In these endeavors, the Call of Molo provides employment to the residents of Molo, as well as an educational sponsorship for the children to receive a proper education, giving them hope for a brighter future.

website - Ministry COM power point presentation -  website.pptx (22).jpg

Our Mission

To restore hope to the orphans and vulnerable children in Molo, Kenya, by providing basic provisions, spiritual growth, and love.

Our Vision

Ensuring every child in Molo has hope and a future.
Our Core Values
1. Teach and raise the children in a faith-based environment, encouraging spiritual growth.

 2. Rehabilitate the children with interpersonal development skills through education, medical care, self-esteem building, and social living skills.
3. Provide a nutritional diet to all children to help eradicate malnutrition and encourage a healthy body and mind growth.
4. Provide a child-friendly living atmosphere for the children.


Together we can make a difference

We are working diligently to ensure our mission is accomplished in Molo, Kenya to provide hope and a future to kids in Africa. You can help propel the mission forward in two impactful ways; to donate, and get personally involved. Donations are a simple way to get involved, with either a one-time or monthly donation. On average, $40 USD will feed a child for a month. Add the costs of care of a child at the orphanage and the average jumps to $60 USD a month. That’s an average of eight cappuccinos or one date night meal. The second way to make an impact is to get personally involved through prayer or a future mission trip.

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